Identity, calling or as most would say 'purpose' is not a profession, a skill, or probably not even your currently perceived passion.  It is highly likely that your true identity is almost the opposite of what your perception of your identity is right now.  The main reason for this is that your current worldly identity was conceived from your deepest wound.  Your deepest wound conceals your highest calling.

Without a spiritual journey focused on your identity, it cannot not be unveiled.

Watch the movie, ‘King Arthur’, first screened in 2017 and directed by Guy Ritchie.  The movie visualizes the process of becoming unveiled into your identity.


So what is this concept to be in the 'Now'?  Eckhart Tolle has written a book called ‘The Power of Now’ that explains this concept.  It is something that cannot be explained it can only be experienced.

What does the ‘Now’ feel like?

  • You are in a state of flow, ‘in-the-moment’ or ‘in-the-zone’.
  • You are extremely alert.
  • You are aware of you current surroundings.
  • You are the space for others, it is not about you.
  • You are able to open the eyes of your heart to understand your true identity.

How does the ‘Now’ not feel like?

  • Fear of tomorrow.
  • Trapped in mind streams.
  • You are busy with your life story.
  • You are busy with the story of the world.
  • You elevate yourself in subtle or the most unsubtle ways.
  • To improve yourself in anyway.


Contagion Definition: "the communication of a condition from one person to another by close contact." Oxford Dictionary (Modified)

Why is it so difficult (but possible) to discover identity?  Why do you need to focus?

Below a direct quote from the book Memetics and Social Contagion: Two sides of the same coin?

“The evidence shows that we inherit and transmit behaviors, emotions, beliefs and religions not through rational choice but contagion.” - Paul , 1998.  It is these veils of Social Contagion or Religion that we do not recognize in ourselves that need to be removed before we can see our true blueprint identity.

Social Contagion aka Religion (on all levels) is the real enemy.  For example, one particular model of reality is, 'trying to be perfect' in the physical realm.  It is exactly this that prohibits one from being perfect in our true blueprint identity.

The world’s problems cannot be solved in a paradigm putting one model of reality or narrative against another.  We need to elevate above these narratives to a place in which all of us can receive the truth.  To access the true blueprint reality your state of mind needs to be in the now.  You have to become completely aware.  Continuous focus on the past and future keeps you in your past models of reality.



The Supertube:

  • Creates a fusion reaction that accelerates the ability to stay in the ‘Now’.
  • Remove old models of reality to discover models of reality to be applied now.
  • Explores and unveils a specific puzzle piece of the true blueprint reality.  This could be in any aspect of our lives e.g. politics, economics, social dynamics, technology etc.

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